Recommendations for Trekking

Recommendations for Trekking

Materials and equipment that you should keep in mind when making a trekking route:

1. Route booklets or trails enabled.

2. Clothing according to the place and climatic conditions.

3. Shoes suitable for the activity. Avoid sandals, light sneakers or low-heeled shoes and smooth soles.

4. Protect yourself from sun rays with UV protection goggles and protective creams (Sun blocker).

5. Personal water bottle.

6. Carry a small backpack with support equipment. Avoid excess weight.

7. Global Positioning System (GPS).

8. Suitable first aid kit.


For your security

1. Register at all stations of rangers and / or Carabineros de Chile.

2. Inquire about the sectors to visit with park rangers.

3. Always follow ranger instructions.

4. Carefully read the information signs you find during your travels and visits.

5. Avoid creating alternative routes. Do not take shortcuts within the trails

6. Estimate the times of the trails and always carry them with natural light.

7. Follow the closing times of trails.

8. It is advisable to know adequately the level of difficulty of the trails to be carried out.

9. Alert or report any conduct or condition of risk.

10. Make enough breaks to rest, hydrate and nourish food during the stay in the unit.


In case of an emergency…

1.- Keep calm.

2.- Ask for help to the park rangers or Carabineros de Chile

3.- Avoid leaving the injured alone.

4.- If it is neccesary, observe and point the exact place to the rescue teams

5.- Once you notify the accident, you must remain available to collaborate with them if required.

6.- Apply first aid knowledge only if trained to do so.

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