Glacier el Mosco, main attraction and corridor of Huemul, the Glacier is developed in two zones of interpretation and accumulation of snow and ice that descend by two languages, which together form a great central morrénico deposit, below this one it gives rise to a Waterfall inside.

Mosco River, third Patrimonial Route of Chile, has the development of two routes, Rivera North and South of the Mosco River which have a panoramic view towards the Mosco Glacier and White Glacier.

Mayer River, one of the most unexplored basins of Patagonia, organized around a series of interconnected lakes, a binational fluvial water course (Chile-Argentina), which begins in the middle of the plateau of death (Argentina) and its mouth Is in the north arm of Lake O’higgins.

Lake O’Higgins, Binational Lake (Chile-Argentina) fed by numerous ice melting glaciers of South Ice fields. It is the deepest lake in Latin America with more than 800 meters and its 8 arms make it the largest in Patagonia.

It is one of the main accesses to Laguna del Desierto (Argentina), from Bahía Bahamondes to Candelario Mancilla.

Lake Ciervo, located 6 kilometers from Villa O’Higgins, this lake has favorable conditions for sailing, such as Kayak and Sport Fishing.

Lake Cisne, is bordered largely by the Carretera Austral and is located approximately 10 kilometers north of Villa O’Higgins, is very shallow so it is special for recreational activities, such as sport fishing and jetties in Boat by the lake.

Villa O’Higgins, the last Patagonian village with a little more than 600 inhabitants. It has services of Lodging, Food, Tourism, Mini Markets, Pump of Bencina, Sub-Commissary of Carabineros of Chile, Firemen, Armed Forces, School, Kindergarten, Gymnasium, Center of Events and Municipality of the Commune.

Glacier la Huemula, Glacier that can be visually appreciated from the trails.

Mirador del Valle and the Flag.
Cerro Submarino, As its name says it is hill has the form of a Submarine and can be appreciated from the Mirador del Valle trail. Its accesses belong to private lands so your visit is limited to this one.

Walking trails:

Los Miradores: Trail of familiar character, with a small route of 3 viewpoints in which you can appreciate Lake O’higgins, Lake Ciervo and Villa O’higgins from the heights with a duration of approximately 30 minutes.

Mirador del Valle: Medium difficulty trail, with a distance of 1.8 kilometers, its main attractions are the direct view to the Huemula Glacier, the confluence between the Mosco and Mayer rivers, as well as the view of Lake O’higgins and Lake Deer.

The Flag: High difficulty trail, somewhat steep with an estimated travel time of about 1 hour and 15 minutes overlooking lake ohiggins, swan and deer.

Glaciar el Mosco: High difficulty trail, which for the moment is enabled only to the Puesto Rivera Refuge, approximately 3 hours from the Mirador del Vall.


Those in charge of the Glacier Park the Mosco are the Guardaparques:

Alan Acevedo Muñoz.

Raimundo Cristi Matté.

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