BNP Parque Glaciar el Mosco, is developed within the framework of the National Protected Area “Mosco River" and adjacent fiscal estates, all located in Villa O’Higgins, the last village on the Austral Road (route 7). Commune of O’Higgins, Province Capitán Prat, Region of Aysén of General Carlos Ibáñez of the Field, XI Region of Chile.

Its surface covers about 10,316 hectares approximately. It is characterized by 4 Glaciers, a biological corridor of Huemules, several Lakes and Rivers, standing out the Mosco River. It also has a forest of Coihue magallánico, Lenga, Canelo, Ñire, Calafate, among other species of native flora and fauna.

The Park has 4 trails, 3 of which are enabled for daily use and one room that is being improved for the 2018 season.

The first settlements of the Community of O’Higgins date between the years 1914 and 1918.

After several years on September 20, 1966 Villa O’Higgins was founded with the name of Villa Bernardo O’Higgins in honor of the Father of the Chilean Fatherland. And later on June 5, 1980, the Commune of O’Higgins was created.

In 1999, the I. Municipality of O’Higgins built the Villa O’Higgins path to Glacier and Río el Mosco, equipped with a system of viewpoints and a shelter.

In 2003 the Ministry of National Assets was recognized as Patrimonial Route, constituting itself in the third project of a Patrimonial Route implemented in Chile.

Since 2004, through the administration of the National Well of Public Use denominated Cerro Santiago and according to the Exempt Decree N ° 285 of the Ministry of National Assets, the 16 of August of the year 2006 consecrated the area of ​​environmental conservation and the protection Of the patrimony in the frame of planning management and sustainable management of its resources.

Based on all of the above, the Illustrious Municipality of O’higgins has developed an important infrastructure and equipment associated with the recreation of the community and visitors, putting in value the tax lands adjacent to Villa O’Higgins.

With all this, the BNP Río Mosco has been incorporated as a destination and tourist product in Villa O’Higgns, recognized as a milestone on the Austral Road and suggested by important travel guides such as Lonely Planet in its guide “Patagonian Andes" . This result has generated a “Plan of Conservation, tourism and interaction with the community" with the main objective to arrive at a management and creation of an area for the conservation of the habitat of the huemul, Glaciers, Lakes, Rivers and Cultural Patrimony of the Pioneers Of the area.

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