Objectives and Access

  • Objective: 

    Develop and manage an area of ​​conservation in the field to the forest habitat, in addition to the biodiversity present within the territory. Thus allowing the development of natural and cultural heritage in the midst of sustainable tourism with the sole purpose of harmonizing the conservation of the territory and enjoying it of whatever it wishes. 

  • Mission: 

    To manage the different natural and representative areas of the Park in the ecosystem conservation plan in the locality, which is directly affected within the framework of fiscal properties and influenced by Environmental Education in terms of the protection and conservation of the natural resources of the BNP where The tourist attraction of the commune develops. 

  • View: 

    To be a potential attraction that through a good process of administration and coordination in conjunction with the local community promotes the conservation and protection of the natural resources of the Glacier el Mosco. 

  • Access: 

    It can be accessed all year round to the BNP Glacier Mosco Municipal Park which is located in the municipality of O’Higgins, the last town on the Austral Highway, in the province of Captain Prat, in the Aysén region of General Carlos Ibáñez del Countryside. 

    Route 7 to 575 km from the City of Coyhaique and 236 km from Cochrane, from the last to 132 km you will find Puerto Yungay on the way in approximately 45 minutes crosses The Mitchel Fjord, arriving at the Port of Rio Bravo. And finally from Rio Bravo to 102 kilometers is Villa O’Higgins. 

    You can reach the Laguna del Desierto (Argentina), from which after 20 kilometers you will arrive to Candelario Macilla (Chile), from the Port of Candelario by boat you will reach Puerto Bahamondes in 3 hours Distance from 7 Kilometers away is Villa O’Higgins.

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