Flora and Fauna

Species present in Parque Glaciar Mosco

Since 2008 Round River Conservation Studies has been exploring Parque Glaciar Mosco and the species that live  in the park. Now we will share with you two lists that include the species that have been seen. In the case of flora, some investigation transects have been stablished to see more carefully, and in the case of fauna, their identification were through observation of feces, footprints, trap cameras, and (in the case of birds) sounds.

  • Those species with conservation issues are highlighted in green and the non-native species are highlighted in yellow.

List with vascular plants, fungus, bryophytes and lichens (click here)

List with mammals and birds (click here)

Some examples of species


Coigue de Magallanes (Nothofagus betuloides)

taken from chilereisen.at

Canelo (drimys winteri)

taken from deeproot.co.uk

Lenga (Nothofagus pumilio)

taken from fundacionphilippi.cl

Ñirre (Nothofagus antarctica)

taken from fundacionphilippi.cl

Michay (berberis ilicifolia)

taken from floradechile.cl

Notro (embothrium coccineum)

taken from semillasdelmundo.cl

Chilco (fuchsia magellanica)

Calafate (berberis microphylla)


Cóndor (vultur gryphus)

Puma (puma concolor)

taken from farsouthexpeditions.smugmug.com

Zorro Culpeo (pseaudalopex culpaeus)

taken from juzaphoto.com

Concón (strix rufipes rufipes)

taken from waste.ideal.es

Carpintero Negro (campephilus magellanicus)

Rayadito (aphrastura spinicauda spinicauda)

taken from picssr.com

Hued hued (pteroptochos tarnii)

taken from fesivalfocus.eu

Huemul (hippocamelus bisulcus)

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